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Our Furballs

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Our Furballs Empty Our Furballs

Post by MannyJabrielle Thu May 28, 2009 12:45 am

Inspired by the cat pictures in the bug forum....

We got a player picture thread, but what about our furballs? Those lovable critters that like to dance across our keybaords at the wrong moments, and bat at the cursors and characters dancing across the monitors (and subsequently blocking the dang view!)

This be my ferret, Links.
Our Furballs Pictur11

Yes, ferrets have a reputation for being little thieves, and yes, he's trying to dig through my wallet and steal my metrocard!
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Our Furballs Empty Re: Our Furballs

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Thu May 28, 2009 12:52 am

Jeeves: 15.5 pounds of semi-social predator...in a tuxedo. Not allowed outside because he might eat the neighbor's rat (aka, ugly little chihuahua).

Our Furballs N1453249483_30071397_938706

Felisity: cute furball that showed up at our door, mix of tabby stripes and calico

Our Furballs N1453249483_30071395_4559837

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Our Furballs Empty Re: Our Furballs

Post by RayvenNightkind Thu May 28, 2009 9:40 am

Here be ours,

First is Dudley, unfortunately we had to put him down not to long ago, he was a good boy, it was just getting to painful for him to get around and it wasn't fair to keep him going just for us

Our Furballs Pic091507_2_0001-1

Then we have Trouble, lil pain he is, always getting into something he's not sposed to.
Our Furballs 1116082039
Our Furballs 0208092321_0001-1

And our lil girl, Cookie. Sweetest thing ya ever did see, but I'll be damned if her tiny butt don't rule the roost around our house, lol.
Our Furballs 1012080032
Our Furballs 1116082038_0001

And lastly the kids together.
Our Furballs 0225091837a_0001-1
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Our Furballs Empty Re: Our Furballs

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