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Effects of War

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Effects of War Empty Effects of War

Post by Elhanan Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:13 pm

The recent rant from The Amethyst Dragon made on factions had me wondering if some of the areas of the server might be better off if they were razed to the ground a little.

Currently, a stroll from Mountainholm to Tradeholm has us passing several villages and homes; mostly intact, yet with locked doors and largely unaccessable. Same goes from Tradeholm to Fort Morth; perhaps some others. Yet these areas have seen some devestating battles in the history of this world, let alone the short couple of years since I started playing here.

For example, the village I call Shatalamadingdong has many, many homes and buildings, yet lies bordering forests filled with lycanthropes, bandits, and worse. Some other villages have seen this so-called worse, as dragons, gigantic vermin, undead, and armies of adventurers clashed in their fields. Perhaps this small foggy village might be made a little less cheery, and become a bit more forboding in appearance.

What I propose is that the towns and villages under the security of the domes remain as is, but that some or most of the unoccupied portions of these locations be filled with ruins, rubble, and signs of the war; less doors and homes that will not open anyway, and perhaps other faction heavy placeables, if I use that term correctly. Allow the Inn, bakery, and other small stops to remain, to indicate the hidden power that some may have in guarding their nearby properties. Show that having a menagarie of trained, well fed monsters as allies is the reason a few homes and businesses still exist.

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Effects of War Empty Re: Effects of War

Post by Kefrem Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:51 am

i like this idea....it would also be neat to at last get inside the domes...maybe a quest could take ya inside them for some reason or another.
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Effects of War Empty Re: Effects of War

Post by Eric of Atrophy Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:33 pm

I third Elhanan's idea, and second Kefrem's ... both boss suggestions!
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Effects of War Empty Re: Effects of War

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