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Restore Scrolls?

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Restore Scrolls? Empty Restore Scrolls?

Post by Elhanan Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:21 am

My Ranger was attacked and bitten by a vampire bat, and lost a couple of levels (and I did not know the flying rats could do that, but I digress). This would not have been so bad but the only healing station of which I am aware that carried the proper meds was in the Vale, and I stopped by several other locations while coming from Tradeholm. May the other Asis clergy gain some of these, too?

Mountainholm may have these in the Cleric area; uncertain, but proper attire is required. May the other shops get a few healing aids, too?

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Restore Scrolls? Empty Re: Restore Scrolls?

Post by titus Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:18 pm

on a similar, but highly hijacked, note... Very Happy

...i think it would be great if the clerical vendor in the LEA carried the scroll 'negative energy protection' in his scroll shop. imho this is sth no erstwhile clerical shop should be without ; it's meat-and-potatoes protection.

btw, if anyone needs any of these types of scrolls, pin has a few that she'll sell for std market rates.
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