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Thank yous!

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Thank yous! Empty Thank yous!

Post by Endill on Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:23 am

A big thanks to Grace Fullera (sp) for pulling us lowbies together to run that event and for providing the much needed healing support during our shenanigans!

Thank you to Lila (sp) and Tullian (sp) for putting up with my Bisonry and willynilly random combat. I should have been better at providing support to you as I had the greater number of levels, but if we party more, we can learn to work off our strengths better! Assuming we end up playing around the same times regularly...

A thank you to Nataku (sp) for being a sounding board of ideas for my build and providing feedback, given prior experience with druidism in Aenea.

And lastly thanks to Dave/Crideas/DM Myth for his wonderful timing of the event and support last night.

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