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Almost ........ but not quite

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Almost ........ but not quite Empty Almost ........ but not quite

Post by Belarric Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:37 am

Raiden got his upgrades and decided to wander through the demon realm and check out his new bonuses...... Smile
the first demons fell like nine pins,........ the mariliths rolled over as well........then he hit the darkfire demons and finally all 3 succumbed as well.... Surprised
the Gauntlet loomed and on he went, drinking finally some ghost potions and they demons all slipped into the cracks, the blood flowing and then it came......
the final halls bounce
The barbed demons amassed and attacked and down they went, also the mariliths and darkfires... until with a jaunt in his step he opened the gates to see what was there........ Laughing
The boss attacked and raiden folded like a piece of card........ Exclamation oops he says as with a flourish he uses his stone of Zolaras and attacks again.
3 swings later and again he appears in the halls of zolaras, Crying or Very sad

Thinking tio himself........well, maybe not yet, he wanders off to thank about his almost exploits....... Smile
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Almost ........ but not quite Empty Re: Almost ........ but not quite

Post by RustyDios Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:42 am

Yep the boss of that particular area is one damn tough cookie to crack.... Well done on the almost though Smile
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