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AD's Test Lab: There's Fungus Among Us

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AD's Test Lab: There's Fungus Among Us Empty AD's Test Lab: There's Fungus Among Us

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:46 pm

One of these started with an old suggestion in the Suggestions section of the forum.  Just posting pics and such here for my own easy-finding use.

1st WIP pic, 7/24/2013.

AD's Test Lab: There's Fungus Among Us Fungus10

2nd WIP, 7/25/2013. 

- Resizing done to make them look a little more different. 
- Reshaped violet fungus stalk a little. 
- Added animated tentacles to violet fungus (pulled from CCP roper model, so I didn't have to make the animations myself).
- Created and tested VFX for the "sounding" of the shrieker. (not pictured)
- The new VFX will also get used for the overpowering shout spell after the next hak update.  Might even substitute it for various "howl" ability VFXs later.

AD's Test Lab: There's Fungus Among Us Aenea_10

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AD's Test Lab: There's Fungus Among Us Empty Re: AD's Test Lab: There's Fungus Among Us

Post by Angel of Death Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:32 pm

Now that's fungi growth expected to be found in deep caverns and the Underdark alike! Very Happy
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