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Post by Elhanan Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:39 pm

Over the years I have played on Aenea, Clan McJagger has actively worked to develop a guild of merchants that purchased almost all goods from the Dwarves, save illegal or stolen items. Unfortunately this involved grocers, bakers, butchers, and other food specialists which have recently been updated to only deal in food stuffs as designed. Of course, this is all a personal storyline for my characters, but is one I have oft mentioned to others.

What I suggest is that these food dealers be given another title of some sort, and return to accepting all goods once again. In Tradeholm, there may be only one shopkeeper that deals in most goods now, and it could possibly create lag and other inventory quirks. By returning to three (ie; adding the butcher and grocer), this becomes part of all general good stores, and offers competitive rates, increases inventory, helps prevent lag, and allows Players a bit more variety in shopping.

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