Animators and Death

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Animators and Death

Post by MannyJabrielle on Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:37 am

Bug with the animator golem creation abilities.

If you die, and are resurrected/walk to the dais in the great hall, when you come back to life, your gollem making abilities have their counters restored, just like every other spell and ability, however they do not actually work.  When you activate them, you get the initial activation animation, but no golem building cutscene, and no golem.

The only way to make the golem creation abilities actually work agian is to rest after you are resurrected/walk to the dais.  This is rather problematic for animators who are resurrected 'in the field' in no rest zones, or in the middle of combat where resting is far from advisable, or even possible if their sleep counter has not counted down.
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