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non magical item crafting additions and updates

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non magical item crafting additions and updates Empty non magical item crafting additions and updates

Post by Anthroplayer Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:55 pm

Well, honestly, one of the reasons insect chitin, winter wolf and salamander hides, and dragon scale armors have been favorite items of mine in most D&D video games and PnP games is because you don't need any magical talent or any special feats to make these items. The only thing you need is decent armor crafting skills.

The same applies to mithral, adamantine, urdurkur, gehenian-steel, and dark-steel.

However Aenea has made such things impossible for any blacksmith to make unless they are a spellcaster of some, which does not make much sense at all. I mean, I can understand if a wizard is needed to make a DisplacerBeast cloak, or DisplacerBeast armor, as not only is the creature magical, they are trying to specifically preserve the magical abilities of the creature rather than the mundane abilities of the creature.

Can these things be applied to some item crafting recipes so that you can make non-magical armor without magic. It would be logical after all. Also there are other things that would be nice.

We have yet to add urdurkur metal, a purple crystalline material that prevents creatures from scrying and detecting the user wearing it (so it is great for stealthy characters who wear heavier armor). Gehinian-steel is acidic in nature, and dark-steel conducts electricity, allowing elemental damage.

Coral armor is another thing, popular among aquatic races. It is often grown on the user, a process that takes from weeks to months, coral incures a dexterity penalty, but often high AC. It also repiars/regrows itself if damaged.

Bone armor is the equivalent of hide armor. It has no real difference.
Bamboo or Reed armor is an equivalent to padded armor, but it has no arcane spell failure, yet hinders stealth skills.
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