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Wolfblood and Vampire suggestions

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Wolfblood and Vampire suggestions Empty Wolfblood and Vampire suggestions

Post by Anthroplayer Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:54 am

Wolfblood are descended of werewolves, and are thus lycanthropes, I'd love for this to allow them to choose the werewolf semiclass without having to search for one to bite them.

Werewolf* seem to benefit from full moon, like increased stats, regenerate, and shapeshift when both moons are full, but recently it seems those were removed. I want them to be re-added. These bonuses don't come often, only once in a 'full moon', ok bad joke... but please think of re-adding them.

Werewolve*s normally have a allergy to silver, I know, but it never can actually harm them like it does in Aenea from what I know, many items in Aenea have only minute or microscopic amounts of silver, yet almost every instance of these items not only damages a werewolf* who wishes to use them, they can't even pick up such items!!! A werewolf* should be able to pick up a silver object so long as it is not entirely made of silver. They also should lose alot of their racial benefits when hit by silver (their allergy should halt any natural regen and natural resistances). This would mean characters that are werewolves would face harsher penalties when harmed with silver, but should also be able to tolerate holding items partially made of silver.

Wolfbloods should count as werewolves. and thus shapechangers. Also everytime I put a 'werewolf*' I meant both wolfbloods and characters with the werewolf semiclass.

Vampires should take damage from the following as is normal with vampires: vampires die if they stay within full sunlight or submerged under-water for several seconds as per vampire lore. Vampires should be harmed by positive energy in addition to healing spells (healing spells heal only because it is positive energy!!!). Vampires should be healed by negative energy like all undead, this means inflict wounds and harm will actually do a cure and heal effect. This is done in all PWs and modules I know, so why not here? Vampires appear no different than ordinary people in most manners unless the following: Vampires initiate flight, Vampires polymorph into wolf, bat, or rat, Vampire attempts to feed, Vampires appear in the presence of a holy icon or place or in light, Vampires cannot enter private property unless invited as per vampire lore. There are more things about vampires I'll list:
Vampires can summon bats, rats, and wolves. Vampires have very limited charm abilities. Vampires are allergic to garlic, silver, holy energies, running water, and rain. Vampires can protect themselves from silver and rain, thus it only harms them if it touches their skin. Vampires can protect themselves from both both holy and positive energies by using unholy and negative energies. Vampires turn into mist when slain, if the mist comes in contact with direct sunlight it receives damage until it fully disintegrates, they vampire will revive in a sleep state if the mist successfully makes it to the vampires coffin. Destroying all coffins in possession of a vampire will prevent it from reviving, thus stopping thei immortality making them destroyable. Stabbing a vampire in the heart with either a cedar wood stake or an blessed stake made of another wood will put a vampire in paralysis permanently, unless the stake is removed, in which the vampire retains severe wounds in regards to a cedar stake, and nothing with others. Decapitating a staked vampire and thouroughly 'hallowing' its deathbed will kill it, even if it has coffins. You can hallow a vampires' deathbed by using holy waffers, holy water, holy symbols, flowers, and burning incense, at minimum a combination of the three is neccessary. Vampires do not have an appearence in mirrors to non-vampires. Vampires forced to view themselves in a mirror will endure extreme fear, often causing panic, hysteria, and even paralysis.

Wow, there sure is a HELL of alot to know about vampires, I'm not sure if I'm even close to done. But I'll stop short just so these can get acknowledged for now.
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Wolfblood and Vampire suggestions Empty Re: Wolfblood and Vampire suggestions

Post by Kefrem Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:00 am

One of the issues i believe as to why The Amethyst Dragon hasnt done this and correct me if im wrong ad...is that doin that requires a HUGE amount of scripts ..1 for each form...one for this one for that....and currently thanks to the lovely developers of bioware there is now a 16k limit on all scripted resources in a mod.

From the way The Amethyst Dragon talked...hes very near that limit now. I helped build a white wolf server some time back...and just to simulate all that youve mentioned took for just werewolves alone almost 750 lines of script for each form and they have 5 forms in werewolf the apocalypse...vampires were even worse topping out around 1500 and thats a lot for just one racial class.

Just try to think of it as aenean werewolves and vampires are of a different breed then your familiar with...its a different world after all and if you want to simulate a wolf form....there are the wolf cloaks you can get which is what i use on tarn if i want his wolf form.

Which reminds me The Amethyst Dragon is there a way you can add a speed bonus to the wolf bear and panther cloaks when xformed? it would give them a small benefit like boots of springing and striding and make the cloaks useful rather then just a novelty item.
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Wolfblood and Vampire suggestions Empty Re: Wolfblood and Vampire suggestions

Post by Grey_Stooge Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:13 am

While he is at it don't you guys want the vampires to glitter?

If someone does, then they should be taken out back and eaten by a certain purple dragon.

Was just thinking that this needed to be said before someone was serious about it. Stupid Stephanie Meyer!!!!!!!!
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Wolfblood and Vampire suggestions Empty Re: Wolfblood and Vampire suggestions

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