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Ragrigrin the Mongoose: Origins

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Ragrigrin the Mongoose: Origins Empty Ragrigrin the Mongoose: Origins

Post by Sophiastra on Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:43 pm

Sarafina Wispapple was a quiet daughter of a successful halfling apple farmer. Her mother died in childbirth with her. Since she was the only daughter and since she had four older brother's to do the farm work with her father, Sarafina was left to wander the countryside by her adoring father. Unfortunately, the countryside is not always a safe place to wander for a young halfling maid. She had been noticed, and on a fateful morning around harvest time, she was attacked by a band of goblins from the nearby caves bordering the Silverleaf forest. They mamed her and cut out her tongue, and each took turns raping the poor halfling girl, but they left her alive. Eight months later a bastard son was born, green as an unripe apple.
Sarafina was never the same. Hideously scarred and mute, the villagers pitied her and shunned her for her beastling child. The little green boy served as a constant reminder to her of the horrors she had suffered and she couldn't bring herself to even nurse the pitiable whelp, much less love it. Soon she could bear the pain no longer and she hung herself in the boughs of her father's prized apple orchard.
Mr. Wispapple blamed the child for her death and wanted to kill it, but his eldest son stayed his hand and took the boy in as his own. Now Jeremiah Wispapple had no wife and none of the mother's of the commune would nurse the cursed green "monster". So Jeremiah, having no other choice, gave the little goblinkin whelp each day to his dog, who was herself half wolf of the wild. Perhaps sensing the common bond in his feral nature, the bitch accepted the beastling boy and fed him as her own.
The boy grew fast and strong on the milk of the wolf-bitch and learn to run and fight with her pups as they grew. The other folk of the commune shunned him and made superstitious signs when he would pass. They wouldn't let their children play with him, though they wouldn't if they could. For the most part they just left him alone, learning early that teasing him was a dangerous game. They called him Ragrigrin for the goblin-like sounds he had made as toddler, and soon his given name was lost to memory. But he would not be known as "The Mongoose" until he was 13......
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