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Ragrigrin the Mongoose part 3: The Adventure begins

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Ragrigrin the Mongoose part 3: The Adventure begins Empty Ragrigrin the Mongoose part 3: The Adventure begins

Post by Sophiastra on Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:35 pm

Ragrigrin and snik were fast friends after that fateful night, and in the way of boys (especially misfits such as themselves) they were rarely apart. They swore an oath to make their way in the world as adventurers, never again to fear the minions of evil. Toward that end they challenged each other constantly and shared their skills. From snik, Ragrigrin learned the benefits of stealth when dealing with a foe, and Ragrigrin taught the young mouseblood everything he new about fighting. They would wander far from the Commune and challenge the little beasts of the land for practice. They would sneak off to watch the adventurers coming and going from Valorian's Vale. More than a few times they were caught and run off trying to sneak in to the Sleeping Dragon Inn to listen to the tales of adventure. And that is how Ragrigrin got his start.

One day he caught the notice of a certain a rhyming gnome who asked him, "Oh dear heaven my little green brethren, tell me forsooth...why do carry that big pointy tooth?"

He had never let it go and even slept with it by his side. Ragrigrin, with a fierce and defiant stare, replied, "I am quite big enough to stand against you," though he knew he was no match for the well armed wizard, "and I carry this fang because one day I will find the man who murdered my family and I will drive this fang as deep into his wicked drow skull as I can manage."

The gnome, called Tangleweb by some, chuckled and said, "I can see, I can tell from the way you behave; that you'll give them hell, you are certainly brave. Though I am not known as a sword wielding fighter, I know about drow and their snakes and their spiders. That fang you have there wont serve you at all, when the drow and their minions on you come to call. Perhaps I can help you brave little whelp. If you'll part with that thing for a day maybe two, I will give it some sting and i'll make it strike true."

Ragrigrin was suspicious of the gnome, but he had seen him about the Vale often enough, so he agreed knowing that one of the other adventurers would help him if the gnome betrayed him. So in about a weeks time the gnome sought Ragrigrin out, appearing out of nowhere as though he had stepped through the spaces that eclipsed the air itself. "Do not be alarmed, you will not be harmed. I have your fang here and its something to fear." The fang had been transformed, hewn into the shape of a long curved blade and hafted, like a scimitar. It shone with a wicked green light and some sticky green substance oozed from its tip. The gnome went on, " I have given that sword the strength of the snake, so that your vengeance my friend can finally be slaked. But a blade such as that needs a name to be sure, for its magic and power is perfect and pure."
Ragrigrin paused and looked at the strange rhyming gnome and after a moment said, "I will call it Cobra Fang, and it will be my fire to fight the fire of my enemy."
The gnome smiled and said, "Not as original as some I might test, but for one such as you that name does seem best."

And that is where the adventure begins.......................................
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Ragrigrin the Mongoose part 3: The Adventure begins Empty Re: Ragrigrin the Mongoose part 3: The Adventure begins

Post by MannyJabrielle on Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:11 pm

Very good Smile
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