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The Clan of Night

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The Clan of Night Empty The Clan of Night

Post by RayvenNightkind on Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:53 pm

Here is where I plan to put the Clans various bio's and try to put how they came about as well as how they came to be together as a force of good (mostly) in Aenea.
Comments and stories you may have of run in's with the Clan are welcome Wink

Part 1

The clan of night

Rayvensclaw awakes to find himself on a cold wooden floor. "What is this
place", he says to himself as he pulls himself to his feet. The last thing he
remembers before waking up on this floor is the shimmer of the dark magiks
being cast by the lich that was cowering behind the black dragon he was
battling. After a quick once over to make sure everything is still intact,
Rayvensclaw takes in his surroundings.

The denizens of the establishment continue on as if the arrival of a new
visitor dropping out of thin air is a common occurrence. Rayvensclaw looks
about the room, making note of the old man seemingly passed out at a table
near the center of the room, a young blonde barmaid hurriedly cleaning tables,
and two rather stout men, one in a red cloak, and another taller man clad in
what looks to be tanned leathers. Making his way between them and up to the
woman behind the bar, he introduces himself, “I am Sir Ravensclaw Nightkind…”
But before he can finish he’s cut short, “Welcome to the Sleeping Dragon Inn
and welcome to Aenea….. Sir Rayvensclaw, was it? We get so many new
visitors here anymore it’s hard to keep straight.”

“Indeed, you are correct that is my name, but what of this place Aenea you
speak of? Where am I?” And before he can receive his answer there is the
sound of the shimmer that brought him to this place and the dull ‘thud’ of
something or someone hitting the floor behind him. Turning he
sees a young woman laying upon the floor where he himself had been just
moments before. Making his way to her side just as she begins to come to
her senses, Rayvensclaw helps her to her feet. She introduces herself as

“Well Darkfeather, I am Sir Rayvensclaw Nightkind, and it would seem we find
ourselves both in the same predicament.” And he relays the little information
he was able to garner about this place they find themselves in before her
arrival. After a bit more discussion with Tallisa Moonweaver, the pair decide
to join together and investigate their new surroundings. And head out to find
provisions and prepare themselves for whatever they may encounter in this land
called Aenea.

And with that the Clan of Night is formed. Taking in newcomers to the lands
and misfits alike the Clan has become a well known entity in Aenea. Ever vigilant,
the Clan of Night is prepared at a moment’s notice to assist the people of the
lands in their endeavors to rid Aenea of the evils that arise.
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