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Post by KangTheMad Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:49 pm

The following is scrawled onto parchment in very messy handwriting.

Hahahaha, I have lost Them, oh yes I have! Thats what I though, but one of them appeared to me in the Sleeping Dragon, behind a man named Creepiass. They are in cahoots, I KNOW IT! They and Cripease are working together to get my stuff, yes they are! Ohhohoh...They think they can fool me, but I'm not so easily fooled oh no...I know what they are up to, oh yes I do. They want my thingies!

News of the worst kind, GOBLINS. Those sneaky buggers are everywhere. They take things too, I know it. They steal, they want to take everything they can! But I will put an end to them, oh yes I will. Arcane destruction shall fall on their puny heads, and I shall take back what isn't mine! But...An entire cave of them? Just more practice, and more equipment to build with! HAH! Goblins think they can outwit me, bah, I outwit them at every turn!
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