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Post by Eric of Atrophy Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:50 pm

Heh. I was poking around some other servers' forum sites, and I came across this. Nothing of consequence, just a little about The Amethyst Dragon's GUI thingie. Figured someone might get a kick out of reading it...

From an English player called Azulfae:

"The Aenea Player world GUI thingy overides, although they do some cool stuff they also completely overhaul the game. You end up with all sorts of things being different colours than they were originally. In some places it's cool but in others it's just annoying.
Because of the simple fact the health bar was blue and green (where health had been lost) rather than red and black (where health had been lost) I decided I didn't want that part of the overides. It also seems like a lot of other parts of the game have been re-skinned just cos they could be and not cos it makes things easier to use or look better. I weighed up the good and the bad and decided to remove all the overides becuase there was no way of telling which ones were affecting what I liked and didn't like."

From a Florida player called Vipre:
"Oh those are definatly going into the collection. I have a lot of overrides, mostly textures.
Used always:
kurairyu's hands 1.5
Updated Werewolf Model
C.R.A.P. Kobold Reskins
Redux: Weapon Texture Override
New Orcs,Bear,Spider,Troll
Platinum-haired Nymph
I also use bits of the World of Aenea PW GUI
Personal preference textures:
Skull Helm Retexture
A snowy-looking tts01_stone20 for Winter Rural
Red PseudoDragon
Texture Fix for Bioware Bebilith Model"

Hey, The Amethyst Dragon, you're like, famous or something! Shocked
Eric of Atrophy
Eric of Atrophy
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View from a different server... Empty Re: View from a different server...

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:46 am

After about 4 years and 10 hall of fame awards...doesn't feel too bad to have your name show up every once in a while. Smile

And I'm not surprised that some people don't use the transparent GUI...it's a big change to the game where I made choices on color and look, and not everyone will like what I like. Huzzah for optional overrides! jocolor

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The Amethyst Dragon
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