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Found out something cool. Need info from AD for use.

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Found out something cool. Need info from AD for use. Empty Found out something cool. Need info from AD for use.

Post by Anthroplayer on Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:08 am

Well, I like the bonus feats from 3.5 edition, as well as the limit for you needing tower shield proficiency to use tower shields, and not just ordinary shield proficiency. However, there are numerous servers who don't want to go thrue with adding a few overrides to let these things happen.

Then, I discovered something wondrous, but likely intimadating, and annoying, depending on the responsibility of the user.

If the player uses the overrides for 3.5 rules, you can still get the standard adventurer feats (twoweaponfighting and knockdown) plus towershieldproficiency for fighters and paladins, but not for other classes, and the feat dwarvenweaponproficiency, which lets all dwarves use dwarvenwaraxes if they have any of the 3 standard proficiencies. So... that means players can actually alter their character to use those feats on a whim, even if the server doesn't.

But this only works if 1- the server allows edited characters (such as those with unique races, feats, stat scores) and 2- you created the character while you were using the override. Personally, I think this should be allowed, but if its not, I'm thinking The Amethyst Dragon will start combing thrue peoples characters for 3.5 characters. I haven't used it yet for Aenea, but Aenea uses all the same statistics as the other server, so it should work. This also means The Amethyst Dragon shouldn't have to worry about me having done this to my characters yet.

Plz The Amethyst Dragon, I wanna make characters with more feats!
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Found out something cool. Need info from AD for use. Empty Re: Found out something cool. Need info from AD for use.

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:26 am

Such overrides may work in a single-player game, but they won't in a multi-player game like Aenea. You may be able to create a character with those feats, but unless the server also uses those same versions of the 2da files, the feats will have no effect.

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