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Tertius Bane

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Tertius Bane Empty Tertius Bane

Post by mighty moomin on Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:50 am

My name is Tertius Bane, and this is the story of my life. I was born in a remote village in the Nektarian highlands, the son of a herdsman. As my name suggests I was the third born, with an older sister Elsbeth, and a brother, who I have yet to meet.

I loved my parents but the feeling was not mutual. I was told at a young age by my father I was a mistake, he thought his wife well past child bearing age, for when I arrived my sister was sixteen and my brother eighteen and already left home. My name was not given out of any affection, just a statement, I was the third.

The life of a hill farmer is a tough one, and another mouth to feed at my parents’ time of life cannot have been easy and I do not blame them for how they treated me. It is my brother who deserves the blame.

You may well know my brother, the great Crideas Bane. Since I can remember, all my father spoke of was his precious firstborn son. Tales occasionally reached us as I grew of the mighty wizard Crideas, as he made his way in the world. My sister and I were nothing to my father, despite the love we showed him, he had thoughts only for Crideas. Elsbeth was betrothed to a Calithian Sheikh as soon as she was old enough, and sold off by father for a hefty dowry, enough to look after him and mother in their latter years.

I did not have the inate abilities or intelligence to follow in brother’s footsteps, but I did everything I could to impress my father, to no avail. At the age of seven I was sent to the Qin Monastry in the Crystalbreeze Mountains, to work. When I could I would sneak into the training arenas and watch the apprentices fighting with sticks and swords. I used to practice on my own at night. One day one of the masters caught me watching and dragged me into the arena. As punishment they threw me a stick and sent me to fight one of the apprentices. My year or so of private practice took the apprentice by surprise and he was knocked unconscious by a powerful blow to the head.

The master, impressed by my performance allowed me to join his classes. I continued to improve and was awarded a permanent place in the Qin academy. Even this had no impact on my father. Nonetheless I continued to progress and was presented with my own katana at the age of 14.

About this time father fell ill. As his condition worsened, I spent more and more time looking after him. I asked the healer monks who gave me suggestions of strange and rare herbs which could help, and I would be gone for days on end searching the mountains for plants to help father. His condition began to improve but he soon worsened and it became clear he would not long survive.

During those final weeks I spent most of my time asleep and awake at his bedside, administering what help I could, whilst mother tried to get word to Crideas. But he never came. Father’s passing came swiftly in the end.

As he drew his final breath he reared from his bed and grasped my arm with surprising power, and looked me directly in the eyes for the first time in years. A smile spread across his face, as recognition broke through his ravaged features. As he lay back down for the final time he uttered his final word…. Crideas.

I have never loved my brother, but at that moment my rage, my hate for him became a real, tangible thing. Despite all I had done for our father, he felt nothing for me, and the one son he loved had done nothing to save him.

I buried father two days later, and mother alongside him within months. Without her husband and her beloved Crideas she had nothing to live for. I sold the farm and moved permanently to the Qin monastry, and threw all of my energy into my fighting. My masters became concerned at the anger and lack of control in my fighting, and after one argument too many I was asked to leave.

I spent the next few months wandering the lands in a rage, not really knowing where I was heading. It was during this time I met a priest of Ragnor who helped my channel my anger to a purpose. That purpose was to hunt down my brother and avenge him for the death of my father. I have no doubt whatsoever that had Crideas returned we could have saved father, and as a result mother.

During this time it became apparent to me that to defeat my brother I would need more than just my ordinary strength. I spent much time researching ways to increase my strength, and in some obscure Ragnor text I discovered the solution to my problem. I travelled to the edge of K’nort Scrar and in a cave near Tesh I found the man I was looking for, Kaliaz the Mad, esteemed wizard of Ragnor. Kaliaz himself was a Red Dragon Disciple, but had researched at length the melding of creatures together, and had recently found success in importing the organs of an orc into a human, giving the latter the strength of the former. It was this operation that I requested of him. Even a man nicknamed the Mad thought I was insane, but enough gold persuaded him to undertake this task. Over the next two years, Kaliaz replaced my heart, lungs, glands, even part of my brain and my blood with those of an unfortunate, but particularly powerful orc slave, captured from the mines in Tesh. I spent many months fighting fevers, as my body tried to reject the alien organs, but slowly I recovered, and began to feel the changes in my body. With orc blood flowing in my veins, pumped by an orc heart, supported by an orcish immune system, my old strength was regained and surpassed. Even the shape of my face began to change, as my teeth grew to fangs and my skull thickened. I suffered a loss in intelligence which, I slowly regained through study, and as I began to train again in earnest I found that the operations had been successful.

I left K’Nort Scrar a different person, with a simple goal. Firstly I knew I had to condition and train my new body, to use it to its full potential. Once this was reached, I would hunt down my brother. I do not know whether I could destroy him physically, but I would follow him to the ends of the earth.

Know this.. brother. Wherever you go I will follow. Where you bring hope, I will bring despair, where you remove fear I will replace it. Where you bring salvation, I will bring retribution. I will be the shadow to your light, the night to your day.

You will become a harbinger of doom, for wherever you go I will follow. People will not greet you, but shrink from you. Children will hide behind their mothers, mothers will hide behind doors. Men will sneer at you, drive you away. You will become detested, feared, unwanted, just like I have been all my life. I will make you feel what I have felt, you will see in the eyes of others what I saw in our father’s eyes, detest, loathing, disappointment.

I am coming for you brother…..
mighty moomin
mighty moomin
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Tertius Bane Empty Re: Tertius Bane

Post by Svair on Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:14 pm

[ Whoa - interesting back-history there! Looking forward to future installments. ]
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