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I can have a dragon companion (pet)?

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I can have a dragon companion (pet)? Empty I can have a dragon companion (pet)?

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:08 pm

Q: I can have a dragon companion (pet)?

A: Yes.

Each PC is able to gain a single companion dragon. Starting out as a large egg, it can be hatched and raised as a constant companion for your character. This is a long-term (aka, permanent) commitment/choice, and not to be taken lightly.


Q: Only one?

A: Yes, only one. Ever. There will be one (good) metallic dragon type available (copper) and one (evil) chromatic dragon type available (blue), although you won't be limited to one choice or the other based on your character's alignment...it's a roleplay decision on your part (and the roleplay is why I didn't go with stereotypical silver and red for the varieties). This dragon should be a constant companion, rather than just some "meatshield" summon. Kind of like how familiars and animal companions should be treated. Smile


Q: Where do I buy my dragon egg?

A: You don't. You go out searching and find an egg on your own. Where's the satisfaction in just being able to drop some gold and get something this cool?

Once you find an egg, it won't actually hatch until you use the item's "unique power", so you can carry it as long as you want (it just won't start growing/maturing until it hatches).


Q: Does my dragon gain power as I gain levels?

A: No. It gains power as game world time passes (not play time) and the dragon grows and matures, just like other dragons.

Yes, this does mean that if you power-level up to 40th level in the time it takes two weeks to pass in-game, your dragon won't gain power as fast as you (or at all, really). It also means that if you hatch a dragon, and real life keeps you from logging in for few weeks or months (bummer, but it happens), you may return to find that your dragon has been busy flying around Aenea, hunting on its own, and growing up a bit in your absence.

For those wondering just how long it will take for your dragon to mature, here's some math to give perspective:
1 game hour = 2 minutes of real time
1 game day = ~48 minutes of real time
1 game month = 28 days / 1344 minutes real time (about 22 1/2 hours)
1 game year = 12 months / 336 days / 16,128 minutes real time (about 269 hours or 11 1/4 days)

A dragon stops being a wyrmling 6 game years after hatching.


Q: Will I lose my dragon permanently if it dies?

A: No. Just until the next server reset. If things get too dangerous, you can tell your dragon to fly into the sky for safety (just talk to it or use the ;;dragon fly VC command). You can then call it back down anytime (with the ;;dragon call VC command). Of course, this flying is limited to when your character is out under the open sky...your dragon won't be able to fly through the ceiling of a cave or building.

Q: Can I change my dragon's name?

A: You can manually pick your dragon's name before it hatches. Just use the Select tool on the dragon egg and use the ;;tool itemname x VC command. When it hatches, your dragon will thentake on the name you gave the egg. After hatching, the dragon won't change its name.


Q: Can I heal my dragon by feeding it?

A: No. It's not a NWN familiar or animal companion, where simply feeding it will fully heal the dragon. Healing spells and kits will be handy. And the dragon will slowly regenerate from wounds as long as it is around you.


Q: Can I enhance my dragon?

A: Yes. You'll be able to cast enhancing spells (such as bull's strength and haste) on it. You'll also have the choice to give your dragon gold coins for it's personal treasure hoard (which it swallows until it has a chance to fly off and hide the coins), which will give your dragon stamina and the will to survive tougher odds (+10% temporary hitpoints for 100 gp, able to be done once every 3 game hours).

You can also outfit your dragon with up to 3 magical items. Just Select the desired item (a ring, amulet, or belt) from you inventory, then talk to your dragon to have it take and use the desired item(s). Just be sure you are willing to part with that item permanently, since your dragon will consider it a gift (that even if replaced by another item later will still add nicely to its personal treasure hoard).

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