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Portal Hints Ingame

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Portal Hints Ingame Empty Portal Hints Ingame

Post by Gwydion669 Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:09 am

I've completed the portal quest! cheers

Still - after spending several nights "getting myself lost" as per the old man and then actually finding it through the other hints I received from other players, a DM, and the boards - I'm left vaguely ... unsatisfied. (Dissatisfied? Heck, I don't know ... I speak Southern!)

I found the answer in RL, not "in game." It took some work: I pretty much knew where it was from all the hints, but a few more searches in the forum led me to evilkittenofdoom's "Ctrl-A" hint. That was the key.

Puzzles ... I generally dislike. What if my character is an 8 INT, 8 WIS, half-orc barbarian? Anything other than a "Gordian Knot" would be beyond him. And even the lack of wisdom calls that solution into question. And what if my character is a 20 INT mage? He'd get simple puzzles beyond my RL means. But I'm digressing ... back on subject.

A couple of ways I would have liked to have found the hidden valley:

The teleport dungeon in the Vale's cemetery was fun (especially with another team racing to get the same spear). What if examining a monument revealed that it was an area dedicated to Gort? A priest who thought one should also explore pathways underground? And on that monument would be some cryptic words like "as above, so below"? And the key through the trackless waste was following the same path as the teleport bridges.

Or ....

Some clue given akin to "the key is in a chapbook written by a particular priest of Gort." A book in game is found written by said priest. Even a cookbook for "Those Who Hunger On the Road." Of course, each paragraph in the book starts with a word beginning with either a N, S, E, or W.

No real biggee ... mission was accomplished ... just my two drachmas.


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Portal Hints Ingame Empty Re: Portal Hints Ingame

Post by daveyeisley Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:37 am

Congrats on completing the quest!

Now, the fun really begins Smile

The portals arent too hard to get working, but now you need to go find them all, and puzzle out the clues for each portal address, hehe.
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