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Kaerizaki, Monk of the Sylvan Styles

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Kaerizaki, Monk of the Sylvan Styles Empty Kaerizaki, Monk of the Sylvan Styles

Post by Anonymoogle on Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:09 am

My main PC now, finally got one I like. Very Happy

Kaerizaki is one of the rare half-elves born and raised in an elven community rather than a human one... hence why he's always called it being 'half-human.' He was born to passing wolfblooded human adventurer who had taken a liking to one of the female monks of the Sylvan Styles school, a martial art practiced among a number of elven nomads who live in the lands north of the Sylvan Forest. That adventurer later parted from the group, the love as passing as the breeze, leaving Kaerizaki practically born into the style's teachings.

The Sylvan Styles are a unique type of martial art, based on one of the most unique premises - shapeshifting and being one with nature, as the true path to enlightenment. As such, nearly all of the style's monks are also druids or the occasional ranger, using their powers to complement the martial art. Many also worship Andra, however the faith isn't central to the Style.

This, of course, was an obvious problem when it became clear that the young Kaerizaki had no ability with magic whatsoever. Having grown up too fast to follow in the same manners of teaching as the elves had, he never had time to truly practice his magic, and instead devoted his time simply to the martial arts. This saddened his mother greatly, and her sadness turned to despair as she saw him reach adulthood in the time an elf would have still been barely out of infancy. As one of the head monks of the Sylvan Styles... she cast him out, claiming that his half-blooded birth made him unfit to live among the monks of the Style.
He was exiled, falling into a hazy state of depression as he traveled southwards, soon ending up lost in the Sylvan Forest and coming out far from where he had intended.

Onward he traveled, often using his combat skills to guard caravans in exchange for passage to somewhere with better opportunities... until in one town a man told him heard of a peculiar concept. Lycanthropes, werewolves... a bite from one of them carries a curse of shapeshifting, and only those with the will to fully master it can turn the curse into a great power. This man and he discussed these creatures at length, and the man himself was 'wolf-blooded,' as well as figuring Kaerizaki had some of the same type of blood given his silvery hair. Kaerizaki claimed it to be a gift from his father, bringing a faint smile to the older man's features. The man told him to travel onwards to Valorian's Vale, and seek out more information there. And the young monk none the wiser as he headed on southwards, his drive and hope restored. He now trains until the day he finds one of these lycanthropes, so that he can harness its power and finally master the Sylvan Styles through it. Only then will he return home...

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