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SOme bardsongs suggestions

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SOme bardsongs suggestions Empty SOme bardsongs suggestions

Post by MannyJabrielle Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:21 am

The new bardsong system ROCKS, seriously rocks, so just a few minor suggestions (which I almost feel bad about making lol)...

1) Could there be a toggle for a "range" VFX? one of those circles around the bard kinda like the fear aura of a dracolich? Even if there isn't one of those circle VFXs that's 30 feet, one that's close enough to make an approximation would be good. And have it a VC toggle because... well, sometimes it's a useful reference, but not always having to deal with an extra VFX is good too.

2) Deadmans/Ballad of the wild summons.... Oh yeah, Alastair's going to pimp that dracolich and tuskbeast like crazy... but it would be nice now and then to go with one of the lower level summons. Perhaps a VC command for higher level bards to sing up lower tier summons on those songs?

If Al's running around with a group of say, level 15 to 20 PCs... He can hang back and not interfere with their fighting by just casting buffs and healing them, but it'd be nice to give them a summon to help out their combat... and not one that's gonna wipe the field clean *for* them. OR... maybe the dracolich is just impractical for certain areas..... a lifestealer or a vampire would be better for tight tunnels and passage ways.

3) Verse of the vile/air of the righteous... well... Verse of the Vile really...

I feel bad almost for suggesting any change given how sweet and uber these are... BUT... Aenea's generally geared towards the ideal that "PCs are the good guys". And with a party of mixed alignment PCs... either song will be a poor choice if it'll buff some, but nerf others.

I would suggest keeping the buffing aspects, but removing the debuffing aspects. That would keep them extremely party friendly for mixed alignment groups

From an RP point of view... the good bard would want to encourage that evil cleric in his efforts to cooperate with the group's generally "good" intentions of taking out that evil dragon... not alienate said evil cleric who happened to find himself on the good guy's side.... for the evil bard... the sly and witty evil bard would want to seduce and entice that goodytwoshoe paladin chick towards the path of corruption... not crudely rub it in her face and then beat her over the head with it ensuring an old fashioned "smite evil" in retaliation.

4) Freedom's Anthem... A very nice song, veeeery nice. Again, one I feel bad about suggesting a change to, but I do feel that the 40th level version has just a single point over the uber line given the accumulated immunities/penalty removals in the song. My suggestion would be switch the "immunity" to petrification/bigby spells to removals on that 2 round pulse. Those effects/spells would still be mitigated, but also still have a bit of bite, of danger for the PCs, if even for just a round or two.

5) Traveler's Chant. Remove the sleep immunity, only because it's already part of Freedom's immunities, and just doesn't seem to fit into the theme of Traveler's chant

Other than those suggestions though.... I think the new bardsong system is simply amazing, enjoyable, and one of my favorite things about Aenea now Very Happy
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