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Blade Thirst Suggestion (Ranger spell)

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Blade Thirst Suggestion (Ranger spell) Empty Blade Thirst Suggestion (Ranger spell)

Post by MannyJabrielle Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:25 pm

Rangers have a 3rd level spell called Blade Thirst.  +3 enhancement bonus for 2 round per level (as per the wiki, the script actually gives 2 rounds, not 1 as in the description) on their slashing weapons.

Aenean rangers also get something really great.  Greater Magic Weapon, also a 3rd level spell (and right next to blade thirst on the known spells list actually).

And when a player looks at what the two spells do, he or she will *never* slot bladethirst.  By the time a ranger gets those spells, GMW already does +4, lasts 1 hour per level, works on blunt and pierce type weapons as well as slashing, AND works on ranged weapons as well as melee weapons.

Sooo.... why not make "Blade Thirst" well... thirsty!  Add in some good vampiric regeneration.  Keep it as a slasher weapon spell only, keep it at 1 round per caster level, but make those restrictions worth it.  +5 vampiric regen would be very nice.

And, at least in default NWN, Blade thirst's enhancement replaces GMW's, so it would still be balanced as the ranger could not stack the two... either goes for the +4 or +5 GMW, or the +3 with vampiric

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Blade Thirst Suggestion (Ranger spell) Empty Re: Blade Thirst Suggestion (Ranger spell)

Post by Elhanan Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:20 pm

Like the idea of making any spell worthier of note; agreed!
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