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Empowering Items: Adding Magic to Existing Items

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Empowering Items: Adding Magic to Existing Items Empty Empowering Items: Adding Magic to Existing Items

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:01 am

Player characters can add new permanent properties to existing items with magical spells, some gold, and experience points while at an enchanters' workbench within a magical laboratory.

Spellcasters are free to add any properties that they meet the requirements for to an item, but the finished item's value must be at or below the limitation determined by his or her caster level:
caster level x 5000 gp

For example, a 10th level spellcaster could push an item's value up to as high as 50,000 gp, while a 40th level spellcaster could push a single item's value up to as high as 200,000 gp.

The casting class is determined by the player using the ;;mi class xxxx VC command (such as ;;mi class wizard or ;;mi class druid). The item to be empowered is chosen by the player with the Select tool/feat.

Complete tables listing each possible item property and the requirements for creating them can be found here:
Adding Magic to Existing Items

Spells needed for enchantment must be castable by the person doing the enchantment.  Having the spells available via scrolls or other items does not count.

The cost in gold represents various mystical substances and sundry small objects needed by an item enchanter that must be purchased and consumed by the magic at the time of item creation.  This cost is calculated based on the difference in value between the item as it exists and as it will be when finished.

The cost in experience is the bit of personal energy the spellcaster binds into each item.  This cost is added as XP Debt, so that levels cannot be lost through item enchantment.  This cost is calculated at the time of empowering the item and is 1/12 the cost in gold.

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