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Not Used: Trolls

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Not Used: Trolls Empty Not Used: Trolls

Post by Angel of Death Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:47 pm

So, I thought about this while reading the Magebreaker topic created by Dargodd...

I think it would make a lot of sense if, when the troll has been knocked prone and at "near death" status, it would make sense to be able to burn them with a torch equipped so they die.  Very Happy

If implemented, this adds in a mundane way to kill trolls, and not only benefits low level adventurers for a cheap way to kill a troll (gold actual matters at low levels; I recall vividly how I struggled at beginning to make coin with my Paladin until I found out the hidden gems of the world) but double as a way for the new Prestige Class: The Magebreaker to kill trolls without the use of magical geared weapons with acid and fire (which they cannnot use).

Thoughts and opinions are welcome! ^^
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Not Used: Trolls Empty Re: Not Used: Trolls

Post by daveyeisley Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:57 pm

Alchemical items should not be stripped of their properties by Magebreakers drawbacks, when this is implemented it will go a long way to giving characters without magic a fighting chance.
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Post by The Amethyst Dragon Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:38 pm

Not used because that would actually make trolls much easier to kill, and they should be scary for lower level characters.

Trolls are killed by cumulative fire and acid damage in Aenea, rather than just a point or two at the very end.  Alchemical items should now work just fine for Magebreakers, so acid flasks and alchemist fire should do the trick (I'm double checking those two items at the moment, just to make sure).

Without a lot of fire/acid magic, a character may need to use tactics other than "run up and beat on it". 

For example, just last night my fae fighter beat his first troll. His only fire damage is 1d4 on a sickle from a crystal of flame. With relatively few hitpoints to his name, he used Charge a lot to stay out of reach of the troll while pelting it with javelins (his ranged weapon of choice, taken from goblins) until it fell down, then rushed in with his sickle to hit it until it stood up, then repeated the process. He still nearly died (from the times the troll managed to hit him before he slipped away), but in the end it was a more memorable fight.

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