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Maker Dragonscale Armors

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Maker Dragonscale Armors Empty Maker Dragonscale Armors

Post by MannyJabrielle on Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:34 pm

The Maker in Macedone lists the requirements for the dragonscale armors as masterwork scale male, 20 scales of the appropriate color, 5 vials of dragon blood of the appropriate color, 30K gp, 1K xp, and 10 BoMs.

However, when you follow the recipe and instructions, the maker tells you that you have not placed enough of the right goods in the crystal-container.

I toyed around with it, and it seems that he actually requires somewhere between 51 to 75 dragon scales, and 6 to 10 vials of dragon blood.  I have not figured out precisely how many of each, I just tossed in a 50 stack of scales, followed by a 25 stack, and a 10 stack of blood vials (didn't have the patience to put in one of each until the armor was made, much less go harvest more dragon scales for such a project).
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