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Dragonscale/Epic crafting!

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Dragonscale/Epic crafting! Empty Dragonscale/Epic crafting!

Post by Anthroplayer Thu Dec 11, 2008 11:25 am

I notice we can craft chitin,displacerbeast, and dino hide armors.
But chitin armor and dino hide by rule are normally non-magical, can it be so they can be crafted without the enchant arms and armor feat?, only displacer beast hide tends to require magic to craft...

But the real reason of this post is to discuss epic crafting(yes you heard correct, epic crafting).

Dragonscale is a non-magical material that is superb for being used in both magical and non-magical armor.
It can only be used in Heavy Armor and Shields, but it gives increased elemental resistance, higher AC, and weighs slightly less than normal. Dragonscale is dangerous to wear because it tends to anger dragons who are of the same type (chromatic dragons hate people wearing other types of chromatic armors, such as red dragon or white dragonscale, and same goes for metallic dragons).

Crafting dragonscale is harder than chitin, which is very easy to make, and is also much more expensive to buy, let alone acquire. I think a minimum requisit should be 20-30 based on the type of heavy armor it is made into.

Also, another non-magical material is bulette hide, made from a swamp and mountain dwelling creature called a bulette. Surprisingly though, a bulette's hide is a few segments of huge chitin. While it doesn't offer much mobility like regular chitin armor, and it is much heavier, the true benefit behind this armor is damage reduction and improved AC.

Finally, a popular thing to craft leather armors in the underdark, other than from a bovine creature called a rothe, is a creature called the umberhulk. Umberhulk armor offers resistance to mind influencing spells, as well as being highly resistant to bludgeoning attacks. It tends to be far heavier than normal light armor also, and can even be made into medium armors.
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