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Bug Report: Philosopher's Stone

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Bug Report: Philosopher's Stone  Empty Bug Report: Philosopher's Stone

Post by twilightfox on Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:32 am

It appears that the first time hitting level 21 in a Caster Class capable of Epic Magic you obtain such on level up alongside your epic spellcasting focus, however unlike the spell casting focus you do not obtain the Philosopher's Stone once hitting the 21st milestone in the epic caster class again after an Reincarnation.  

This happened both for my wizard and my partners druid.

I imagine that unlike the epic spellcasting focus the script for the Philosopher's Stone for whatever reason either only fires the very first time you hit level 21 caster or marks your character as having received it previously.   I hope that this can be fixed in the future when @The Amethyst Dragon has some time as it seems rather silly for an epic spellcaster to be stuck wondering if he'll ever be able to cast said spells again.


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