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Sound Issues

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Sound Issues Empty Sound Issues

Post by Eric of Atrophy Sat Aug 02, 2008 10:09 am

Hello, all!

To my dismay, I realized that my sound has been turned off in the nwn.ini file. When I corrected that, the game wouldn't play at all - I get the load menu, then the eyeball screen, then nothing. I remember having this problem ages ago (that's why the sound was ini-ed off, I suppose), then discovering help with it on BioWare's forums. I guess I will return to those boards and see what resolution I can find. Laughing

It's funny - I've gotten so used to playing NwN without sound (our daughter's crib is RIGHT next to the comp), that when I re-discovered this problem, it doesn't stress me out too much. Perhaps an update to the on-board sound devices are in order (yes, it's not a true card issue, but instead an on-board one)! Idea

I don't imagine that this would cause issues with ventrilo, because it's an external program, correct? That's what I'm thinking, at any rate.Surprised

Anyways, be cool and peacey! Exclamation
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