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More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split)

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More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split) Empty Re: More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split)

Post by Ra Cha Chongo Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:59 pm

Is there any possibility of an expanded set of advanced forms, too? I was
thinking instead of just getting access to dire whatever, higher level
druids could gain access to some advanced plant shapes, dinosaur shapes,
maybe a giant squid, that sort of thing?
Ra Cha Chongo
Ra Cha Chongo
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More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split) Empty Re: More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split)

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:40 am

Split off into it's own topic in suggestions section...

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More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split) Empty Re: More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split)

Post by Kefrem Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:12 pm

On my dark sun server(god i miss playing Sad ) our druids in dark sun fashion at high levels(and lore and spellcraft skill) could assume the forms of the elemental drakes from athas. They could also turn into other athasian types of beasties which i always found neat.

Although my thri-kreen elder druid becoming ratling and a dragon seemed always odd in some strange way to me lol...man he pwnd in dragon form Razz i miss that so much.
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More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split) Empty Re: More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split)

Post by MannyJabrielle Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:17 pm

Thread necromancy!

Update to this suggestion....

I've got a shifter. Love him. Between his druid levels, shifter levels, and his HoD, he can polymorph into ANY shape available to polymorph into on Aenea.

The reworked druid wildshape is great.... Lots of different animals.

Then you come to the shifter. The masters of shapechanging.... still running off the default NWN shifter feats.

Would be absolutely awesome to see the shifter feats offer more choices like the druid wildshape.

Suggestions offhand:

Dragonshape (the big baddie for shifters and druids). You get 3 dragons under the default NWN version. Would be nice to be able to choose other dragon shapes, not just red, blue or green.

THe only caveat to that.... I would NOT like to see any change gimp the dragonshape as shifters get it.... IE, the gimpy version like from the shapechange spell. If anything, the spell's red dragon should be given like the shifters get it. Dragonshape is extremely awesome, but it's also very costly (very high wisdom needed).... so more dragon colors good... downgrading bad Razz

Golem Shape:
More golem shapes.... crystal, clay, adamtium, flesh, ect.

there's plenty of undeads out there to emulate, not just the default vampire, risen lord, specter.... Zombies, ghouls, ghasts, tyrant fog zombies, ect.

Outsider Shape:
Oh so many goodies to work with here.... Marilith, balor, those fat pudgy soulbound thingies, Fraxis demons...

Humanoid shape...
Goblins, orc destroyer? other elves besides drow like lava elves, winged elves (already got the player flight tool for that one), drwaves.... this shape can offer a LOT of variations for a shifter besides the three default verisons (which are good, but it's just three...)

Wildshape I (wyrmlings)...
This one is good, you get all the baby cromatic dragons with the default... but would be nice to have the non-evil wyrmlings as an option too

Wildshape II, III, and IV...
These three, they're the bulk of the non-epic shapes. The default shapes seem to be separated into 3 general categories (II is humanoid beastly types, gargoyle, minotaur, harpy. III is more animal like beast, basilisk, drider, manticore. IV is a mix of the previous... dire tiger, mindflayer, and medusa).

For these I would say add more types to the three levels based on that categorization....

Generally humanoid shaped creatures for wildshape II like a lesser werewolf, twigblights, ect.

Non-humanoid shapes for III, things like maybe rust monster (how does it feel orc? Where's your nasty greataxe now?!... also tweaked NOT to work on PCs please), topiary guardians (yes! yes! YES!), gorgans, cocatrice...

And for wildshape IV.... more powerful types of the previous two mixed together.... more dire animals than just the tiger, greater werewolf, tuskbeasts.... ect.

So much possibility... The reworked Aenean wildshape has shown that it's indeed possible, and indeed much fun (how can it NOT be fun turning into a turtle or a ferret or a dragonfly like druids can?)
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More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split) Empty Re: More Advanced Wildshape Forms? (split)

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