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Ah ... nice to have some Barbarian in your day!

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Ah ... nice to have some Barbarian in your day! Empty Ah ... nice to have some Barbarian in your day!

Post by Eric of Atrophy Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:26 pm


Went to eat lunch today, and was pleasantly surprised to see Conan the Destroyer on the TV! Awesome! Though it wasn't Conan the Barbarian, it still made lunch a little more fun.

***completely (well, mostly) unrelated yet really interesting sidebar: I once submitted a piece of poetry to a "national competition" (read "we'll publish it if you pay us" - didn't realize it was that until after the fact - but I digress) - I later received a communication from them telling me that they really liked my poem and wanted to publish it in an audiobook compilation, and wanted to know if I had any particular input as to how the poem should be read. I sent the reply back to them that the poem was only to be read by James Earl Jones - but only if he was speaking as Thulsa Doom (costume and everything).

Never did hear back from them...***

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Ah ... nice to have some Barbarian in your day! Empty Re: Ah ... nice to have some Barbarian in your day!

Post by Elhanan Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:52 am

I recently rewatched this on DVD, as it came with the original film on sale. I compared this to DA: Awakening; another sequel that fell somewhat short of my expectations complete with cameos & refrences to the earlier work.

And I would love to hear James Earl Jones on audio; one of the more distinct baritone voices since Gregory Peck.
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