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Deity-Specific Priest Spells

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Deity-Specific Priest Spells Empty Deity-Specific Priest Spells

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:30 pm

Priests (clerics) in Aenea dedicate themselves to one of nineteen deities. Druids are the priests of Andra. This devotion gives them several benefits, such as spells granted by their deity. It also limits some them from casting certain spells that may appear on their spell list and can affect how well a particular spell functions for them.

Looking at spell descriptions on the website or in-game, the caster/spell level may look something like this:
Level: Clr 4 (Terris), Drd 4

Such as spell would appear on the spell lists for both clerics and druids, but clerics that are not priests of Terris (the goddess of earth and stone) that prepared that spell would find the spell does nothing for them when cast.

Other spells list the deity restriction at the end of the spell description.

Some spells function better for some priests than for others. Healing spells are twice as effective for clerics of Asis (the goddess of healing). The poison spell is twice as effective for clerics of Sorgath (god of murder). Inflict wounds spells are twice as effective for clerics of Ragnor (the god of destruction).

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Deity-Specific Priest Spells Empty Re: Deity-Specific Priest Spells

Post by RustyDios on Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:29 pm

So deity specific spells ...
By level...
As at 03:00am GMT, 4th Nov 2011~ish...

0risons, 0-lv
~ No restrictions


Druid (Cleric~Andra); Entangle
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Grease
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Sleep
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Camoflague
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Magic Fang
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Feral Visage
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Dewfall
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Flora's Plant Armour
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Farie Fire
Cleric~Typhis; Tempest's Shielding Wind
Cleric~Typhis; Trip Gust

Druid (Cleric~Andra); Barkskin
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Charm Person or Animal
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Flame Lash
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Hold Animal
Druid (Cleric~Andra); One With The land
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Blood Frenzy
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Flame Blade
Cleric~Aquar/Borzig/Typhis; Fog
Cleric~Aquar/Harcoth; Water Throw

Druid (Cleric~Andra); Call Lightning
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Dominate Animal
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Quilfire
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Greater Magic Fang
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Spike Growth
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Infestation of Maggots
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Healing Sting
Cleric~Terris; Crag's Sacrificial Stones
Cleric~Terris; Earthen Rupture
Cleric~Terris; Earthen Fist
Cleric~Borzig; Thunderblade
Cleric~Aquar/Harcoth; Crashing Wave

Druid (Cleric~Andra); Hold Monster
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Glacius' Breath of Winter
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Stoneskin
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Mass Camoflague
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Wild Visage
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Grim Harvest

Druid (Cleric~Andra); Wall of Fire
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Awaken
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Ice storm
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Owl's Insight
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Inferno
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Monstrous Regeneration
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Vine Mine
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Flora's Razorleaf Shield
Cleric~NON-Asis; Slay Living
Cleric~Borzig; Tempest's Stormshield
Cleric~Typhis; Greater Earthen Rupture

Druid (Cleric~Andra); Greater Stoneskin
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Energy Buffer
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Drown
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Crumble
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Stonehold
Cleric~Asis; Greater Healing Ray
Cleric~Aquar; Geyser

Druid (Cleric~Andra); Creeping Doom
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Aura of Vitality
Cleric~Ragnor; Destruction
Cleric~Prizimal; Heart of the Beast

Druid (Cleric~Andra); Finger of Death
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Nature's Balance
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Premonition
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Bombardment
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Sunburst
Druid (Cleric~Andra); Frost Fall

Druid (Cleric~Andra); Shapechange
Cleric~Aquar/Conflagral/Terris/Typhis; Elemental Swarm
Cleric~Asis; Circle of Great Healing (formally Mass Heal) .. ??
Cleric~Borzig/Typhis; Tornado
Cleric~Ragnor; Implosion

Special Cases
Cleric~Asis; Cure xxx Wounds, Effects Doubled
Cleric~Asis; Circle of xxx Healing, Effects Doubled
Cleric~Asis; Heal, Effect Maximised
Cleric~Asis; Circle of Great Healing (formally Mass Heal), Effect Maximised
Cleric~Ragnor; Inflict xxx Wounds, Effect Doubled
Cleric~Ragnor; Harm, Target damaged to only 10HP remaining
Cleric~Sorgath; Poison, Effects Doubled

~~ I'm not sure I caught them all, and the final tweaks of this list (for the forum) have been done quite late... but I think I got them all... I added the spells that only druids get, because basically they are clerics with Andra as their patron (as all Andra's cleric's are druids)... also as a sidenote, all of Zolaras' clerics must be female... hope this list helps somebody, even if it is someone like me, that read the OP and wondered what spells exactly are restricted by deity... ... ... ...

And I'll also mention to look at the Granted Spells for each deity on the webpages. Some of those spells can't be cast by other clergy, some can't be cast by any other class (Such as Sorgath's 18th Lv Granted Spell; Debilitation or Ragnor's 18th Lv Granted Spell; Insanity).. and yes I could add those granted spells to this list, but I only just thought about them now... ... ...

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