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Combat Actions

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Combat Actions Empty Combat Actions

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:00 pm

Yup, making a suggestion myself, so that it's on the list here and so everyone can see what I'm thinking (before I do any work on it).

I'm thinking of adding a few feats and altering an existing one under the general idea of "combat actions" that would given free to everyone at 1st level.

Action: Charge

Rework the existing Charge feat. Give it to all characters automatically when they finish Aenean character creation area, instead of just warriors of level 2+. Make it a targeted feat:
target another creature: speed increase + attack bonus + ac decrease, automatically run to that creature and attack (short duration)
target a location: speed increase + ac decrease, automatically run to that location (possibly longer duration)

Action: Grapple

PC targets another creature within "touch" distance. PC makes attack roll to grapple, then opposed Str checks (or whatever the base mechanics are in the 3rd Edition PHB, haven't looked them up in more than a year). If successful, both PC and target creature can't move and suffer penalties. Flying creatures can't fly when grappled/grappling. Grappling lasts until broken or until PC releases hold. NPCs may get a version of this.

Action: Bull Rush

PC targets a very close creature, checks are made to push the target back a short distance, possible very short knockdown if target is same size or smaller.

Action: Crouch

PC crouches down for 1 round to become harder to hit. PC gains small (+4) AC bonus, gains 25% miss chance from ranged attacks, but can't do anything else. AC bonus goes goes up by +1 if using a small shield (total +5), +2 is using a large shield (total +6), +3 if using a tower shield (total +7). Technically a "dodge" bonus, just so that it will stack with other AC. Wouldn't work while mounted.

Action: Display Prowess

Target an enemy creature. Simulates PC showing off his/her skill with a melee weapon (or unarmed) while threatening that creature. A check is made in the background (taking into account things like PC and NPC BAB, hit dice, Int mod, Wis Mod, race, and patron deities, etc.)...if PC beats NPC, NPC may suffer morale penalty to attack rolls or maybe even surrender right on the spot (this would be very rare). Would work on "intelligent" NPCs only, since those that don't understand what the PC is doing wouldn't be affected.

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Combat Actions Empty Re: Combat Actions

Post by MannyJabrielle Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:39 pm

Taunt/intimidate skill would work nice into the display prowess action.

Grappling... one benefit of grappling I'd like to see is a substantial, if not automatic success for touch attacks (for both parties grappled). Of course certain touch attacks shouldn't benefit from this, such as beholder eye rays since they're not techincally "touching"

For crouching... it sounds like a good idea, but when I look at it, I can't help but compare it to expertise/improved expertise. The bonus is roughly the same for expertise, +2 more if using a tower... however, the lack of attacking ability or the ability to move makes expertise and improved expertise FAR superior an option, even when throwing in the 25% concealment.
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Combat Actions Empty Re: Combat Actions

Post by RustyDios Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:26 pm

Action : Charge
Charge in the SRD

I like this one, but maybe the combat classes can get "better" results then the non-combat orientated ones ?

I'm sure a trained fighter would be able to charge more effectively (correct footing, pace, stance, weight-weapon balance etc) then a wizard that's "not used to" running in arms flailing... ...
Action : Grapple
Graple in the SRD

Yep, sounds good
EDIT :: I like MJ's idea of touch attacks auto-success, and it got me thinking of auto-failure for somatic spells that aren't prepped as still ... .
Action : Bull Rush
Bull Rush in the SRD

Sounds good, but I think the knockdown effect should be saved for the knockdown feat(s) only... and kinda doable in NWN anyway be simply "walking into" an enemy ... ...
Action : Crouch
Again, I like this one... maybe the little enemies (kobalds, beetles) actually benefit if someone does this ?... ie, you idiot, you crouched in a circle of little kobalds and let them hit you in face without having to jump to reach it ...
Action : Display Prowess

This is good... but maybe it can be based off the Taunt Skill, the two concepts sound very similar, although I think I've only used taunt once that I can remember ( It confounded Crideas when fighting with Jay, he wasn't sure where the 30% spell failure kept coming from, until he noticed the taunt checks Smile ) ...
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Combat Actions Empty Re: Combat Actions

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