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Craigslist:Aenea:Valorian's Vale:Want to Buy

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Craigslist:Aenea:Valorian's Vale:Want to Buy Empty Craigslist:Aenea:Valorian's Vale:Want to Buy

Post by Skywatcher on Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:29 pm

Posted in some sort of mechanical script is the following message:

I would like to purchase 2 Books of Infinite Spells. Please let me know what gold or items you would be willing to accept in exchange.

Lyann Twiceborn.
Pureblooded Aenean
Pureblooded Aenean

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Craigslist:Aenea:Valorian's Vale:Want to Buy Empty Re: Craigslist:Aenea:Valorian's Vale:Want to Buy

Post by RustyDios on Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:57 pm

Hail Lyann !

I'm sure that if you bring me a blank book, I could quite possibly write you out a book with random magic scrawled across it's pages for you to flick open and use whenever needed.

If you cannot find me, just ask any member of the Rising Sun Clan to get in touch .... ... ....

~ Grace Fularras, Walking Library of Mystara

// I'm sure that at least one of PC's (namely Grace) has a book you can have ... however I'm certain that you can still only carry one Book of Infinite Spells with you at any one time ... .. ... ... ..

** EDIT ** // One book has been delivered, so Lyann should now only be waiting for one more from someone ... .... ..... ....
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High Epic Level

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