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New Feat Ideas

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New Feat Ideas Empty New Feat Ideas

Post by RustyDios Sat May 19, 2012 10:51 pm

New Feat Idea: Detect Spellschool

For Clerics (Mystara, Kalas), Wizards, Sorcerers, Bards (Maybe), OtherSpellcastingClasses (Maybe)...

The idea runs in a similar vein to the Paladin Detect Evil Feat in that when activated (free action, unlimited uses/day) puts up a coloured ring/aura around a wizard/spellcaster that shows what school they have specialised in, if any. If they are a generalist then it shows some rainbow coloured ring, if a divine class then maybe the cleric/druids deity (similar to the Turn Undead graphic)...

New Feat Idea: Detect Deity ((Yes I thought of this one as I wrote the above one!))

For Clerics (Kalas) ~ maybe as a clerical special at 5th-15th level, OtherSpellcastingClasses (Maybe)...

Being a follower to the Lord of Knowledge he shows you what are the true patrons of those around you, so you can know exactly what type of company you keep!.. Again similar to the Detect Evil pally feat but shows off the deity of those around you (perhaps again using the Turn Undead graphic)....
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