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Magic in Aenea (non-game-mechanics info)

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Magic in Aenea (non-game-mechanics info) Empty Magic in Aenea (non-game-mechanics info)

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:30 pm

Magic is an integral part of Aenea, like it is with many worlds. Here is a little background information on Aenea's magic, which can be useful for role-playing and story telling.

The Flow

Across and under the lands, under the oceans, in the skies, invisible magical energy constantly flows. It is this energy that is used for all manner of spells and powers, be it a spellcaster, a magical item, or a magical creature's innate abilities.

If one could see the Flow, one would see many currents of energy, undulating across the land, twisting through the sky, pooling around magical items, spiraling into and out of spellcasters, and concentrating in places of strong magic. The Flow passes through "normal" beings and objects without disruption...it's those that harness or are affected by magic that cause ripples and eddies. The most powerful creatures, such as ancient dragons or archmages, draw strong currents of magic through and around themselves.

Spellcasters in Aenea may or may not have deep awareness of the Flow. Wizards are trained to manipulate it to power their spells, controlling stronger currents as they gain power and experience. Sorcerers are innately sensitive to the Flow and control it by force of personality rather than magical formulas. Priests' (and paladins', and rangers') spells are actually prayers to their patron deities, and the deities manipulate the Flow for their followers.

Magical creatures are able to draw in and use the Flow's energies innately, and most do not even know the Flow actually exists.

The vast majority of normal beings have never even heard of the Flow of Magic.

"Shadow Magic"

There is no real "plane of shadows" directly connected to Aenea, and unlike the Forgotten Realms, there is no "shadow weave". Visitors from other worlds may have interacted with such a place before their transition into Aenea. In Aenea, "shadow magic" is created with dark energies from dark recesses hidden deep within the Dark Realm.

Certain powerful illusions (notably shadow conjuration and shades spells) use the Flow to form a brief connection to this dark energy, and these illusions take on a semblance of realism. Other spells use this energy for their own effects, such as darkbolt and darkness. Most users of such energy are not aware of its true source.

Shadow dancers are able to instinctively use the Flow to tap into this dark magic to perform the various powers they have, such as hiding in plain sight and summoning a shadowy servant.

Reference link: Aenean Cosmology (aka, The Planes)

Conjuration Magic

Spells that conjure or teleport beings and objects in Aenea use the power of the Flow to open conduits through the Astral Plane for instantaneous transport across the lands or between other planes (such as the Elemental Plane of Fire to conjure a fire elemental).


There are no classic psionics in Aenea. Psychic or psionic abilities are really just magic from the Flow, channeled to produce effects similar to spells or magical creatures' innate powers.

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