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Good Singleplayer Modules

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Good Singleplayer Modules Empty Good Singleplayer Modules

Post by Angel of Death on Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:18 am

So...I didn't really want to hijack the ADWR thread again, and instead made this thread since I recently (this-week-recent) found a module on nwvault which I think deserves being mentioned. The module in question is Erebus: The Dark Rain made by The Mad Poet. cheers

I haven't finished the module just yet, but so far I am very impressed. It's got everything in it, like a PnP Campaign. It's set in a low magic setting, with various skill checks made underway (just like ADWR or Almraiven/Shadewood, though you are not restricted to being able to play one race*/gender/class), for example: search checks in wilderness areas (good idea to search through an area as well as invest a few points in the skill) or a move silent check to not disturb that ugly beetle in the mushroom field.
*Another note worth mentioning, you are limited to resting in beds at either your home or an inn or by using a camping kit and click the little campfire which appears. The combat which you are met with are fairly well balanced though, with a bit of tactical cunning (like taking advantage of the environment; because the author has thought of that when creating each area with combat in it!) you can make your way through without much trouble but still feel challenged...at least, that's how my experience has been, so far.

You start at level 1 and is introduced to the background story by the DM NPC The Mad Poet in the starting area while sitting at a table. The Mad Poet Avatar will also follow you through the campaign in the background as the narrator, telling the story as it comes. A really nice feature, makes you immerse into the character, world, and story quite quickly! =)

A few pointers;
...should someone decide to give it a try and play as a mage. Spells like Magic Weapon and Ghostly Visage can be quite useful since magical weapons are rare and few between, as will other spells such as knock (unless you got a pixie or multiclass/crossclass, since it's not all the time you get the ability to hire a rogue henchmen; so unless you enjoy bashing solid doors down with a "toothpick" with your puny muscles, the knock spell do comes in handy!). Razz

Anyway, bottom line. I have been enjoying the module. If you think it's something you would like. Go ahead, give it a try! Wink ...or don't, truly up to yourself! Smile

For a singleplayer module, it can entertain you for at least at minimum a few hours likely much more.

Your friendly neighborhood Angel...of Death! :p
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