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Is there an animation viewer around for NWN?

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Is there an animation viewer around for NWN? Empty Is there an animation viewer around for NWN?

Post by rosareven Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:14 am

I want to put together a ghetto comic using in-game images instead of drawing my own, because I'm very inefficient and it would be quicker if I could just capture the image from within the game and crop it out.

Is there a model viewer that has animation option? I tried NWN Explorer Reborn and the animation section doesn't seem to have any option for a model. Apparently Bioware themselves had a model viewer back in 2002, and 10 years later the link along with the mirrors have been lost.

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Is there an animation viewer around for NWN? Empty Re: Is there an animation viewer around for NWN?

Post by Ramana Jala Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:12 am

I have the files for NWN Model Viewer and NWN Viewer, but they certainly don't animate anything, they only show the contents of the program's image files. I don't know if you could directly export the models to some animation program like Flash or Toon Boom. If you send me an email address to my PM, I can probably jet you copies, if you still want to play around with them.

I've done a bit of research in this area of making comics out of my NWN story, even research into animation. But I'd come to the conclusion that the easiest thing to do is not animated, but simply uses screenshots.

I've used a program called Comic Life to quickly put the images into a comic book format. First convert the screenshots from the tga form to jpgs of course.

Also, if you take several screenshot images that were taken close together, and put them in a slide-show, then you get something akin to animation. I have some of these sequences at PhotoBucket, as that site provides a slide-show capability.
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