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Prestige Class Buffs

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Prestige Class Buffs Empty Prestige Class Buffs

Post by plumjuice Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:41 am

Sometimes I feel like messing around with character builds when I'm bored. Nothing amazing, and mostly thematic (no druid/shifter/monks here).
Whenever I play huge mod/persistent world, I like to have the vast majority of classes and (sub)races covered. This usually means ~10 characters, and most of them have three classes.

Having sat down recently and roughly built 16 toons, I have ended with a couple of guys with only 2 classes, and one with only a single class (cleric).
Having heard about the Paragon feat, I went to check it out, and was impressed with the diversity and uberness of the options. But then I felt a little disappointed. What about the prestige classes? Does 30 levels not signify a mighty dedication to their craft? And what of the poor Shadow Dancer? Who among us is brave enough to take more than 1 level for our sneaky toons? In particular, my rogue 10/shadow dancer 30? Does he not deserve an epic cookie too?

So, I suggest Paragonish feats for Prestige Classes that reach 30 levels.

As a side-request/question, is there information on the new prestige classes in epic levels? Can they even go past level 10? and if so, where could I find this info?

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Prestige Class Buffs Empty Re: Prestige Class Buffs

Post by MannyJabrielle Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:34 pm

I have a character who has I think 23 SD levels? 22?

As for paragon feats for prestige classes....

I can see it for some, but not for others. Weapon masters gain a significant bonus from their class levels already. Palemasters... I got a palemaster with 30 PM levels, and that demilich is pretty damn good (not to say there aren't other issues which nerf the palemaster class)...

A small thematic bonus might be nice though.

As for the new prestige classes... None of the Aenean ones have epic levels. With the exception of Warblade which only has 5 levels (much like PDKs), they are all 10 levels only.
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