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Spicing up the Dark Realm

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Spicing up the Dark Realm Empty Spicing up the Dark Realm

Post by Angel of Death Sat Aug 16, 2014 12:59 am

Just a few ideas which popped into my head earlier, felt like creating this thread to see if the Great Purple one felt it was worthy of implementation in fully or partly. Also, if others had similar thoughts/ideas in mind. ^^;

Split off from my other post, earlier:

I do agree that it would be nice with some more dungeons for the 15-30 and 32-40 levels; maybe up the Dark Realm's challenge a bit by taking out some of the many low level critters and replace them with creatures worth a challenge for the later levels on par with beholders in experience?

Like, maybe a clan of demonspawn orcs gathering together to form an enclave and taking up resident in the barracks, efficiently having sold their sold to the devil/demons to gain greater strength and work underneath the balors / balor shamans. The orcs could be the first hand encounters manning the walls of the dark castle. Regular balors could be their superiors, they obey. Balor shamans could maybe be sorta halfish-boss encounters. Just ideas off the top of my mind right now, could mix and match it with rakshasas and other demon encounters, mix it up with traps and maybe a puzzle or two (don't mind those at all, I like the brain in the jar inparticular; hilarious thing which always make me giggle! XD).

I may add more later.

Probably not on the top ten list of fixes around, but worth being mentioned since many has come with critisism about these areas. Bring on some ideas, too, I dare you! Razz

-AoD sunny 
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