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Gold Dwarf subrace XP penalty/Gold production

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Gold Dwarf subrace XP penalty/Gold production Empty Gold Dwarf subrace XP penalty/Gold production

Post by MannyJabrielle Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:15 am

Gold dwarves get +5 appraise skill, and randomly generate GP as time goes on.  Their XP penalty is 15%.

The gold production is really NOT worth 15%.  Got my gold dwarf up to level 12, and he was still generating 1 to 10 GP every so often.... and it fired off so little I would gain maybe 50 GP per hour.  That might be good for a level 2 PC, but for a level 12, it's not.

My suggestion would be to either lower the XP penalty, OR, have the GP generated scale with level/fire off more consistently.

If it already DOES scale with level (doesn't seem to honestly), I think the value should be increased a bit more.

The randomness needs to be sorted out as well.  At times I would get 4 or 5 instances of random GP gain within 3 minutes, and then not see anything for the next hour or two.  If it fired off consistently, say once per hour, that would be far more worth the XP penalty, especially if it scaled appropriately with level.  Maybe something like 100 gp X level pre-epic, 250gp x level in epic levels.  For a 20th level PC, 2K every hour is nice, but certainly not overpowered (that'll get you like 1 asis cure critical potion per hour, on a PC who is relatively strong enough to hunt stuff that would net well over 100 times that within the hour's time).  For a 40th level PC, the 10K per hour would be FAR more powerful, but still not a overpowering amount.  That's about enough to buy 5 asis full heal potions per hour... and a 40th level PC could hunt baddies who drop loot worth still 100 times more than that per hour's worth of play.

Or, to put it in perspective, over the course of time it takes a PC to earn their 512 hour timeplayed reward chest, assuming the gold dwarf PC was 40th level right out of character creation, 250Xlevel GP per hour played would net a little over 5 million GP in those 512 hours (which is about what any one of my 40th level PCs could haul in from loot in just two hours or less of hunting high loot dropping baddies like beholders/liches/frost giants.... One of my PCs hit 100 million GP from selling loot/ect well before he hit his 512 hour played mark... 5 million GP is pocket change for a character with that much time played invested.
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Gold Dwarf subrace XP penalty/Gold production Empty Re: Gold Dwarf subrace XP penalty/Gold production

Post by Lasombra Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:58 am

Totally agreed. I'd say even that would hardly matter in most cases, as after you're capable of reliably taking care of mind flayers(let's assume level 10 or so with right resources), money becomes almost a non-isse, unless you want to go nuts. That area alone can net one 100s of K over the span of decent XP gain, which should set most for quite some time.

Maybe in addition to that increase the appraise score further? If it's still close to impossible to live off spontaneous gold, reducing the hassle of selling everything and increasing the sacrificial value might be worth the XP hit. +5 really isn't that great, especially considering enchanting possibilities.
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