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Druid Spellbook Additions

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Druid Spellbook Additions Empty Druid Spellbook Additions

Post by MannyJabrielle Sun Oct 05, 2014 11:35 pm

Druids have access to Bull's Strenghth (2nd level spell), but oddly, no other ability enhancing spell.

At the very least, Druids should have access to Owl's Wisdom.  It would also make sense for them to have access to Bear's Endurance and Cat's Grace.  Maybe also fox's cunning and eagle's splendor, although those two seem less thematic for druids.

Druids also have access to two weapon enhancing spells (other than magic weapon/gmw).... bless weapon and shillelagh.  It would be great if they had access to an enhancement spell for other weapon types (they can use other weapons besides clubs, although not many) which are not just undead-focused enhancements.  Bladethirst (especially if it did more than +3 enhancement) would be a very thematic addition, and is a woodsy type spell already in the ranger spellbook.
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