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Throwing Weapons + Mighty Special Properties

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Throwing Weapons + Mighty Special Properties Empty Throwing Weapons + Mighty Special Properties

Post by MannyJabrielle on Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:34 pm

Certain ranged weapons found in game either have a mighty property on them, or gain a temp-prop on-equip.  Specifically sings, darts, and throwing axes.

The problem is however these weapons are, like longbows and short bows, automatically mighty up to the character's strength modifier, and placing a mighty property on the weapon (either as a permanent or temporary property) caps the mighty bonus to the placed property's limit, nerfing the weapon for the PC with a strength modifier higher than the placed mighty property.

Shurikens are the odd one out and THEY benefit from mighty as they are not automatically mighty weapons.  It's the other throwing weapons, and slings, which suffer from this.

As a side suggestion.... the mighty property on the ki-focus monk shurikens could be higher.  They are nice, but they are extremely limited (2 per rest period).  Having them get a mighty +20 property instead of a +10 would not be OP. Strength-based monks are not really common, but it would be nice for those that are to get that little extra bang per shuriken, especially since a stack of 50 can take a couple hours to stockpile with normal gameplay (maybe a bit over an hour if you abuse slumber potions), but can be used up on a single under-level mob of decent size, and wouldn't last a full encounter with a on-level or above level mob or boss.
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