Tradeskill bug: Runes

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Tradeskill bug: Runes

Post by MannyJabrielle on Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:55 am

Some of the runes aren't acting right.

Protection runes:  I apply them to various items I'm wearing, and they only work on certain items: shields, armor, helm, and weapon.  For those items, I use the rune, and I get the "ding dong" timestop clock VFX, and the bonus applies.  For all the other gear items (rings, belt, boots, cloak, amulet), nothing.   ***edit:  Not a bug with this part, my bad.  I thought the runes were still applicable to every worn item as they were when it was using the old system with the paint's unique power to apply.  The protection runes are supposed to only work on certain items.

Also, the rune effect is not lasting 6 game hours.  Sometimes the rune effect will last for about 5 minutes, sometimes it will last for about 10 seconds.

Skills +1 rune.  Doesn't work.  Period.

Torch rune (light source).  Like with protection runes... can last a few seconds, or a few minutes at best.

Charisma rune:  Same deal as the protection/torch runes.... but tends to last less than 2 minutes.

Strength runes.  Doesn't always apply to a given item.  No consistency as with the "won't work" bug with protection runes.

Balance rune (attack +1): Doesn't work. Period.

Penguin (+1 cold saves):  Can't seem to get the rune to craft at all O_o
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