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TFP: HarperXX: Journal of an Adventurer

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TFP: HarperXX: Journal of an Adventurer Empty TFP: HarperXX: Journal of an Adventurer

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Wed Jun 04, 2008 3:02 pm

Transferred Forum Post (from old Bravenet forum):
Original Author: HarperXX
Original Post Date: August 9, 2006
Title: Journal of an Adventurer

// This is a small attempt to help others that may come and suffer the same beginning frustration as I did. With patience, I am gaining levels and I hope this "journal" will be of some aid to others. It's a great server and well worth the beginning frustration.

How I dream of adventure, the means to travel further and further from this town to find wealth, items of great power, and infamy. Be that as it may, I find myself a stranger in a strange land; a man with depleted funds, and stuck in this village for now.

Food is aplenty for me. The farmers to the north of town plant large fields of vegetables free from a guarding eye. Of course, having corn as my staple diet is rather dull, it is certainly better then sleeping on an empty stomach.

Work abounds. Seems most of the towns inhabitants are quick to point out some foul deed but are slow to act themselves. I’ve spoken with the mayor’s aide in town and he was quick to shoo me towards an ant problem for one of the very farmers I have been “borrowing” corn from. The trek was long and dangerous, taking me deep into the underground until I was able to find the cause. True to terms, the man did pay me a bounty of 300 gold pieces for risking life and limb to protect the cities valuable crops.

I’ve had to learn not to spend gold frivolously. Gold is king here and is slow to come by. I must resist the temptation to upgrade my armor and hammer, remembering to visit the healers for healing potions, to exclusivity. To date, the creatures I have encountered do not take pity on a fledgling adventurer and there is little time to rest in my profession making the healing potions truly a god send. Perhaps, with luck and patience, I shall find better gear. Only time will tell.
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