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Non-hostile full-blood orcs

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Non-hostile full-blood orcs Empty Non-hostile full-blood orcs

Post by Anthroplayer Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:23 am

I've noticed that you can find friendly half-orc NPCs but not fullblood orcs.
It would be nice if that could be changed.

For instance if your character was using HoD and spoke orcish, wouldn't it make sense that you could buy items from orcs and possibly even do quests? That would be awesome! Also, half-orcs should have a Player faction of their own that sets orcs to not attack them. I think that would make sense. Also, would it make sense for Gold-fang orcs to have a seperate orc faction for themselves? They tend to find themselves superior to all other orcs and they actually dislike half-orcs. Thus, gold-fangs could attack half-orcs, but normal orcs wouldn't (unless encouraged by a gold-fang maybe, which would only require faction tweaking, easy as goblin pie).

I still think that some orcs should worship Torgat in addition to or replacement of Ragnor in very specific locations.
It makes sense to me. Orcs are a different race than goblins and trolls. They may be able to survive on raiding alone,
but they have superior craftskills in more than just weapons, they can also make excellent armor, and just about any type of leather or metal product (but not as good as dwarves could be, lol).

Besides, most people who play games based in Faerun or Greyhawk hate me for saying this, but just cause a prejudice is widespread doesn't make it a fact whatsoever. There is even bits of evidence against this. Orcs have a deity in both Faerun and Greyhawk that is a quasigod in addition to Gruumsh that is a god of battle strategy, tactics, and clan honor. And while it is true he is Gruumsh's right hand so to speak, he is still different. People say kobolds are no different than goblins, but that is far from the truth. In both NWN as well as old school games bioware took part in, you are able to find kobolds that are not evil.

Same with duegar. In fact, it is completely untrue that Duegar are evil dwarves. Duegar are simply more lawful and orderly than other dwarves. In fact, it is duegar's strict reinforcement of their laws and military might which is the real reason why people mistake dwarves for telling the truth about thei Duegar cousins. And unlike orcs, duegar are just as often good and neutral aligned as they are with humans, meaning their exactly the same. If people read more and stop having fantasies about genocide and that the holocaust was a good thing, we would realize the same thing in a fantasy setting is stupid, and we would be able to differentiate the two. Honestly the reason dwarves hate duegar goes back many many generations when illithid (mindflayers to surfacers and non-dwarves) conquered many dwarven kingdoms. Being that the only dwarven kingdoms were in the underdark, this was a terrible loss. While almost all dwarves fled the underdark, many stayed behind to fight back, and were eventually enslaved. However duegar eventually rebelled against their illithid masters and drove them off, re-taking their kingdoms, much of which was abandoned and in ruin for eons. Meanwhile, the other dwarves who went to the surface to live with the hated surfacers suddenly liked humans and such, but because their brothers and sisters in the underdark survived to reclaim the great wealth and power of the dwarven kingdoms surface dwarves began a great hatred out of jealousy for the underdark brethren. Surface dwarves would make up any lies they could to make duegar seem as if they were evil. And thats the truth about surface dwarves and underdark dwarves, but alot of idiot PWs and their staff could care less for reality and would rather have a world in which people constantly slaughtered eachother like in WW2 and in the recent phony 'war on terror'.
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Non-hostile full-blood orcs Empty Re: Non-hostile full-blood orcs

Post by daveyeisley Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:20 pm

One note: with the HoD active and the ability to speak orcish, there is already an Orc merchant in game to buy things from....

The store is aptly named: "Sharp Things"
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