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What do orcs do when their bored (minigames suggestion)

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What do orcs do when their bored (minigames suggestion) Empty What do orcs do when their bored (minigames suggestion)

Post by Anthroplayer Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:07 am

I remember downloading a module on the NWVault... it was a minigame called Orc Dice.
The game was extremely simple and only an idiot could mess up on that game, or want to cheat an orc.
I played it and found it very fun. It had some simple rules and I will list them.

The game requires either two players with dice or a NPC to play with.
It is normally done with two players, but the maximum can be a group of three.
It is very simple. One player starts by rolling a six sided dice, this person is the setter. When the dice lands the opponent calls higher or lower, than rolls his dice. If the opponent's dice lands on a number they call, they win the pot. If there is a third player they are stuck with what the previous opponent calls. Meaning they both would have to try for higher or both try for lower. If the third player gets the lowest if called low he gets half of what was put in pot by previous two and vice versa, but if he fails the second player would get haf of what his pot was. If the setter wins cause the other one of the opponents can't succeed, he gets that opponents pot. If both opponents lose he gets both their pots.

So how is the setter and opponents picked? The opponent is the one who gets to choose how much each player puts in the pot. If there are two opponents they have to choose a pot they are both able to pay themselves that is equal. That means each player would bet the same amount based on the first opponents choice.

Now, it is possible for an opponent to bet more gold than they have. In this case, they have to bet a tooth. Each tooth you bet is worth 5 GP, and only humanoid ones count. It is possible then, for a player to bet someone else's tooth if they have won another person's tooth.

Finally, if someone loses, they have right to a rematch, if they pick to rematch, you have to rematch them, or else you can make them angry (if you make them angry, they may not play with you anymore, or even attack you!).

Now, in the module, they implemented orc dice's tooth system by using teeth of humanoids, orc NPCs, and player teeth. If the player lost and had not enough gold or teeth to bet, you would have to have your tooth yanked, which dealt 1 hp damage and 1 charisma damage. You were able to keep losing teeth until you either lost at most 8 teeth or you had 4 charisma left.

So..... if The Amethyst Dragon ever implements non-hostile orcs or implements advanced factions... we can play orc dice!
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What do orcs do when their bored (minigames suggestion) Empty Re: What do orcs do when their bored (minigames suggestion)

Post by daveyeisley Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:16 pm

Well, it definitely screams Orc style entertainment Razz
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