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Post by evilkittenofdoom Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:41 pm

Seeing as how the domain spells used to grant extra turning abilities, I figured that they'd be neat to see here in Aenea implemented as feats that clerics/blackguards/paladins can take to gain these abilities.

Therefore, I propose some new feats that allow the following turn abilities...

Turn Vermin
Damage Construct (Terris/Ragnor only)
Turn Elementals (Aquar/Conflagral/Typhis/Borzig/Terris/Harcorth only)
Enhanced Turning (similar to the Sun Domain)

Also, as a new way to use your turn undead uses/day, perhaps the following that allow you to eat up a use of your turn undead...

Bestow Courage (Grants Fear Immunity for CHA mod +5 rounds)
Mass Divine Shield (Adds 1 AC to all allies for CHA mod +5 rounds) Does not stack with Divine Shield
Mass Divine Power (Adds +1 Divine Damage to all allies for CHA mod +5 rounds) Does not stack with Divine Power
Epic Level
Epic Level

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