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Planar Turning

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Planar Turning Empty Planar Turning

Post by MannyJabrielle Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:06 pm

Finally did a run with a cleric heavy build and planar turning. I think the implementation needs a good bit of tweaking.

Namely, the natural resistance of the dark realms.

The feat is highly expensive (25 wisdom, 25 charisma), and requires a cleric heavy to pureclass cleric build to really be of use.... a huge majority of the creatures in the dark realms are very high HD, and a good number of the heavy-hitters are beyond being affected by a pure-class cleric anyway from just the HD, nevermind the SR bonus to turn resistance if they have turn resistance (and the big ones have SR).

With the exception of 1 area, outsiders are exclusive to the dark realms anyway.

Put all those factors together... and there's really no reason to take the feat, even with a pureclass cleric build aiming for planar turning.

The one non-dark realms area I know of is populated with fraxon/shaxon demons, and at single digit HD... it's absolutely pointless to waste an epic feat (or more... without tomes/XP store, you have to go pure class cleric with 17/18 starting wis/cha, and invest several epic feats into great charisma/great wisdoms)....

Overall... the numbers are simply stacked to make the feat an epic gimmick to blow up 4 HD nuisance creatures. It's an incredible disappointment, if not a point of utter frustration to make a huge investment for nothing.

The dark realms natural resistance should just go. The numbers are already high enough, and removing the resistance won't nerf the demons anyway.
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