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New Epic Seed for Vitality

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New Epic Seed for Vitality Empty New Epic Seed for Vitality

Post by uriel1996 Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:11 pm

After finally getting an epic cleric and talking with someone about the vitality seeds, most of them kinda lack *umph* for lack of a sesquipedalian word. So the idea is borrowed from the PRC. the seed would be a contingency full heal should your hp drop below 0 preventing death. Seeing how The Amethyst Dragon made several ways to customize seeds, this one would be pretty neato to be able to cast it on your party before a foray into the dark realm, and it's not something that divine healers can really do. Lastly it's the deaths you *don't* see coming, rather than the ones you do that get you. If this is made redundant by the differed self rez, that makes since. However I'd rather not die to begin with as that tends to mess up my characters.

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New Epic Seed for Vitality Empty Re: New Epic Seed for Vitality

Post by daveyeisley Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:02 am

Contingent Heal is a nice idea, I would suggest triggering at 5% or 10% hitpoints so there is less chance of massive damage outright killing the PC before the script fires.

Also, a higher spellcraft DC seed could set a contingent Heal for each individual party member/minion within a colossal radius. That would be epicly badass I think.
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