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Jan. 9, 2014: Fixes, Changes, New Material

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Jan. 9, 2014: Fixes, Changes, New Material Empty Jan. 9, 2014: Fixes, Changes, New Material

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:45 am

First off, there's an updated hak file available for download: aeneahak_updates.hak  Go get it!

Along with the hak update, we get some fixes and (because I often think of "just one more thing" the game should have) some new material.


Barbarians of 6th level and higher will actually be able to select and use the Animal Totem feats.  I'm running into a little difficulty with some of the descriptive text appearing in-game, but I'm working on that one (it's all in the .tlk file and is referenced right in the 2da files...something else must be up).

The ice version of the water elemental will no longer glow pink.  In fact, the slight glow that all the "crystal golem" models I'd gotten out of the CEP had, is being removed.

Fixing the issue where PCs weren't able to give their familiars or animal companions rings/amulets to wear.


Fire elementals will start to illuminate the area around them like a torch.  Added based on a suggestion from a certain dragon_son1 while he was playing a shapeshifting druid and commented over his shoulder that he couldn't see in the dark while in the form of a large fire.

Inventory icon for uncut gems is getting updated.

Inventory icon for iron ore is getting updated.

New Material:

Adding all new ooze, slime, and jelly models to replace the old ones that were included in the CEP.  New shape, new animations, new slime trails, new textures.

Updating the look of the gelatinous cube (making it harder to see), and adding a gelatinous cube "bud" model (since they reproduce by budding, like a yeast or something).

Adding a new transparent lion model for use with the invisible hunter, so it will be harder to see even when the game engine forces it to drop it's invisibility (which it was not forced to do in my PnP game years ago).

Adding a new projectile visual for the acid splash 0-level spell.

Adding new inventory icons for various ores (silver, gold, adamantite, and mithral).

Adding new "mineral vein" rocks, so there will be a visual clue where PCs can mine for various substances (soon to make use of the metallurgy tradeskill).

Adding a brand new medieval style metal smelter placeable, so that PCs and NPCs will be able to say they have a place to transform their ores into workable metal bars.

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